Arcane Cyber is your cybersecurity Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) dedicated to providing small businesses access to security processes, procedures, and technology necessary to manage your companies information security risks.

Cyber Risk Assessment

In today’s world, every organization faces significant cyber risk towards their critical and sensitive data, information assets, and facilities. Qualifying and quantifying the risks are more important than ever to protect your organization and those your serve.

Cyber Risk Assessment

Cyber risk assessments are integral to identify risks, threats and mitigations for your organizations risk management strategy. Our risk assessments will help your organization:

Reduce long-term costs

Identify threats and vulnerabilities, then mitigate them to prevent or reduce security incidents, saving money and/or reputational damage.

Provides a cyber security risk assessment template for future assessments

Evaluating cyber-risk is a continual process to monitor for changes and updates in your organization’s environment. A risk template will ensure a repeatable process over time.

Improved organizational knowledge

Knowing your vulnerabilities gives you a clear idea of where improvement is needed.

Avoid data breaches and losses

Data breaches can have a major financial and reputational impact on any organization. Identify and protect critical information; trade secrets, Personally Identifiable Information (PII), or other key information to avoid loss of business and technology to competitors.

Avoid regulatory issues

Remain compliant with HIPAA, PCI DSS and other data protection standards to avoid costly legal fees and fines.

Avoid application downtime

Your information systems need to be available and functioning for staff to perform their work and customers to buy your products and services.

7% of attacks originated with or used compromised third party access

Compromises put you at risk from your supply chain partners or liable for damage to your customers.

41% of the malware families seen this year were never seen before

Relying on anti-virus solutions for risk mitigation is insufficient to protect your organization from cyber threats.

Security Program and Policy Development

The key to managing risk in an organization is building an enterprise security program. Do you have well-defined, documented and maintained policies? Are roles and responsibilities identified and managed? What are your core business services and what’s the impact of an outage due to a disruption of those services? A strong, in-depth defensive strategy that includes people, processes and technology is crucial.

Cyber Security Policy and Compliance

A formalized security program provides a documented set of your organization’s cyber security policies, procedures, guidelines, and standards. Security programs are critical to protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your services and data and maintain compliance with best practice and regulatory requirements.

We work with you to create policies and standards that define the scope of security in your organization.

Managed Security Services

Our managed security services help you implement and maintain your comprehensive information security programs. We provide customize IT and security software solutions aligned to your business objectives. By transforming your security program’s posture, you will be able to focus on your business, driving revenue and adding tangible value.

Cybersecurity Managed Security Services

Keep Business Working

We identify and resolve your IT issues – often before you know there is a problem, which increasing productivity and eliminates uncertainty.

Reduce IT Cost

We follow a strategic approach to implement business technology, reducing long-term costs by aligning technology with your long-term goals.

Do Your Thing

Our approach protects sensitive information by cost effectively reducing risk, eliminating IT fire drills that distract you from doing things you’d rather be doing.

Security Awareness Training

Your employees are your greatest assets. However, 80% of all successful security incidents are due to employees failing to recognize the signs of a scam that leads to a breach.  With a ransomware attack costing, on average, $85,000 for a small business to remediate, educating your employees is the best line of defense to reduce cyber risk exposure and minimize breach discovery time.

Social Engineering Security

Your workforce is their target

80% of all security incidents involve the use of social engineering techniques, while 91% of all cyber-attacks begin with a phishing email.

InfoSEC Training

Training is the most important defense in prevention and early detection of a compromise

On average, it takes less than 5 hours until a hacker completes break-out from initial compromise.

User-Friendly Training Tailored to Your Business Needs

Cybersecurity awareness training will immediately increase your workforce’s insight into adversarial cyber-attack tactics and confidence in their on-line decision-making.  You’ll learn to identify common attacker methodologies and how an attacker enters, persists, and exfiltrates data from an organization via the attack life-cycle. There is no better return on investment to protect your business from the dangers of data breaches, network attacks and ransomware threats.

Vulnerability Assessment and Remediation

Don’t Wait Until A Threat Becomes A Breach. Learn how Arcane Cyber can help keep your organization secure.

Do you know your information technology assets? Do you periodically review, scan or assess your information system for weakness, unpatched or beyond end-of-life software? Are you aware that evolving cyber-threats means that maintaining security is an on-going process?

The loss of intellectual property, hijacked websites, and the breach of sensitive data are all risks that organizations need to consider in order to maintain the trust of their customers. Moreover, a data leak may run afoul of compliance and data security requirements and affect your business’ bottom line and customer trust.

Security from Hackers

Secure Your Threats

Account for your assets and discover security vulnerabilities before a hacker does.

The effectiveness of security controls is crucial to the continued success of an organization’s security strategy. Arcane Cyber will work with you to identify security weaknesses associated with your information systems. We will review your security controls, IT architecture, and status of hardware and software to define the surface area under threat and vulnerable to cyber-attack.

Cybersecurity Assessment Process

Our vulnerability assessment report includes an analysis of findings and a detailed action plan for improving your enterprise’s security posture. We will work with you to implement corrective action to strengthen your IT security based on your business and operational needs.

Incident Response Management

We’ll help you limit the damage and gain control when you experience a security breach.


Be ready to respond in the event of an incident with the training and information you need.

Incident Management

Keep an incident response team on hand and ready to respond so that your business can get back to business.


We’ll identify the attack, contain the impact and restore your systems to a protected state.

We are here to help you with your incident response preparation, management and remediation.

It’s too late to develop a strategy to manage a breach and recover once a security incident occurs. A pre-planned and tested strategy for reporting, collecting, communications and knowing your legal obligations will allow your business to successfully navigate the complicated issues to recovery. Without an incident response plan, an organization may not even discover an attack, allowing it to go undetected. Your response plan will document procedures to contain damage, eradicate the attacker’s presence, and recover securely, minimizing impact to your business.

An effective response will give clarity when the scope of the attack is unclear.

Unfortunately, the risks of realizing a cyber incident for small businesses is growing. If your organization has an incident, you can rely on our team to contain the threat and eliminate it from the environment. We help with coordinated incident management throughout all phases of a security breach or cyber-attack to get your business back to a recovered and operational state.