We think like your adversary – it is a valuable strategy

When you think like a hacker, you know what they are looking for and how they will seek, discover and put your information at risk. Cyber-criminal trends demonstrate the depth of their efforts against businesses of all sizes. Not only do they seek to hold your data for ransom, they wage extortion campaigns against businesses knowing that leaking data to the public will do considerable harm to your business reputation.

Assessing Network Weaknesses

We think like hackers so we can spot the weaknesses in networks and recommend actions to improve your security.

Managed Security Services

Time is a resource that you don’t have. Let us manage your security so you can focus on running your business.

Network Security Products

Arcane Cyber’s Port Logic network security tool bridges the security gap between your firewall and computers.

You don’t need to be faster than the bear, you just need to be faster than the slowest person – does not apply to cybersecurity

Protecting Your Company From Cyber-crime

It’s not a matter of if, but when – so we deploy technologies to detect a compromise to minimize impact to your business and get you back up and running quickly.


Minimize your attack surface area to prevent unauthorized access.


Harden your network security to minimize lateral movement to your critical data.


Employ appropriate encryption to minimize the risk of extortion.


Deploy backup solutions to quickly recover your valuable data from a successful attack.

We monitor the threats to your information assets to keep you safe in a dangerous world

At Arcane Cyber, our focus is small business.  We provide cybersecurity solutions for businesses in need.  Although you may feel you are too small to be noticed (No Longer The Hooded Bandit) by cyber-criminals or your computers are protected from malware threats, small business cyber risks are greater than ever.  Anti-virus software isn’t always successful at stopping your adversary from getting a foothold onto your network.  Once on a computer, criminals look to capitalize on weak internal security to increase their financial payout.

Secure Your Network With Port Logic

Port Logic is a lure for cyber criminals in your network.  When a hacker attempts breakout from a compromised machine, Port Logic stands ready to detect and alert on their malicious activities.

Port Logic

Customizable virtual appliance to integrate into your networking or virtualized environment. Analyzes network activity to identify and alert on anomalous behavior.

Port Logic Plug & Play

Built for small offices with little to no IT staff. Deployment is as simple as plugging the security appliance into power and your network switch or router.

Port Logic Managed Security Support

Managed security support improves threat detection by using threat feeds and data analytics to improve detection.