Security with Artificial Intelligence

Artificially Intelligent Behavioral Algorithms to Secure Identity Access Management and Efemeral Cryptographic Key Issuance

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EfemeralTM is a Pioneering Privacy Enhancing Technology for Everyone

Today’s challenges to global information security aren’t just changing – they’re accelerating faster than ever before. Current data security technologies promise enhanced security but fail to truly deliver.  They repackage “enhanced” encryption.  We have developed a cutting-edge privacy enhancing technology (PET) allowing you to simply secure your information from accidental leaks and malicious theft with a ground breaking solution that changes the information security paradigm.

Makes sharing your secure data securely a breeze

Cutting-Edge Unparalleled Security

Cybersecurity is not an IT issue. It’s a business risk that can impact your bottom line. EfemeralTM, is our core, patent pending encryption solution that provides a convenient, light weight, high security, key system with unique key generation process, data handling and packaging characteristics, and key component management as well as enhanced attributes and policy controls.  This system delivers in our products and services where other solutions have failed, providing truly enhanced security for your organization.

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data analytics in cybersecurity development
artificial intelligence and machine learning in cybersecurity development

It’s not enough to invest in technologies and algorithms. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning enabled automated technologies to improve the accuracy of the decision-making processes, allowing organizations to pull insights out of oceans of data, and make strategic choices more quickly.